HL7 ADT Event Codes

These ADT event codes are up to date with HL7 2.8.2 standards. The event code should be sent in MSH-9.2 and EVN-1 (if EVN segment is sent).
Event Code Event Description
A01 Admit/visit notification
A02 Transfer a patient
A03 Discharge/end visit
A04 Register a patient
A05 Pre-admit a patient
A06 Change an outpatient to an inpatient
A07 Change an inpatient to an outpatient
A08 Update patient information
A09 Patient departing - tracking
A10 Patient arriving - tracking
A11 Cancel admit/visit notification
A12 Cancel transfer
A13 Cancel discharge/end visit
A14 Pending admit
A15 Pending transfer
A16 Pending discharge
A17 Swap patients
A18 Merge patient information
A19 Patient query
A20 Bed status update
A21 Patient goes on a leave of absence
A22 Patient returns from a leave of absence
A23 Delete a patient record
A24 Link patient information
A25 Cancel pending discharge
A26 Cancel pending transfer
A27 Cancel pending admit
A28 Add person information
A29 Delete person information
A30 Merge person information
A31 Update person information
A32 Cancel patient arriving - tracking
A33 Cancel patient departing - tracking
A34 Merge patient information - patient ID only
A35 Merge patient information - account number only
A36 Merge patient information - patient ID and account number
A37 Unlink patient information
A38 Cancel pre-admit
A39 Merge person - patient ID
A40 Merge patient - patient identifier list
A41 Merge account - patient account number
A42 Merge visit - visit number
A43 Move patient information - patient identifier list
A44 Move account information - patient account number
A45 Move visit information - visit number
A46 Change patient ID
A47 Change patient identifier list
A48 Change alternate patient ID
A49 Change patient account number
A50 Change visit number
A51 Change alternate visit ID
A52 Cancel leave of absence for a patient
A53 Cancel patient returns from a leave of absence
A54 Change attending doctor
A55 Cancel change attending doctor
A60 Update allergy information
A61 Change consulting doctor
A62 Cancel change consulting doctor