HL7 Parser / HL7 Message Viewer

This HL7 parser utilizes HL7 2.8.1 definitions which are backwards compatible with all HL7 2.X versions. After parsing a message you can easily navigate the message by hovering over a field or expanding the definition table. This lets you easily parse, read, and view HL7 messages.

Please note, we do not store any data from this parser. In fact, no data is sent to our servers at all. This is a client-side only application.

Paste in a message below or choose from a sample message to parse.

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Parsed Output

  • Hover over any field to see its definition
  • Click on any field to copy it
  • Click on the segment's expand icon to see the full definition table
  • Click on the segment's copy icon to copy the segment's raw value

Quick Guide to Reading an HL7 Message

Health Level 7 (HL7) messages are a standard format for the exchange of electronic health information. Here's a quick guide to help you understand and read these messages effectively.

Understanding the Structure of HL7 Messages

An HL7 message is composed of a heirarchy of segments, fields, components, and subcomponents. Here's a quick breakdown of each of these:

Reading HL7 Messages

Tips for Effective Reading