HL7 Segment & Field Lookup

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HL7 Fields

ABS-1Discharge Care Provider
ABS-2Transfer Medical Service Code
ABS-3Severity of Illness Code
ABS-4Date/Time of Attestation
ABS-5Attested By
ABS-6Triage Code
ABS-7Abstract Completion Date/Time
ABS-8Abstracted By
ABS-9Case Category Code
ABS-10Caesarian Section Indicator
ABS-11Gestation Category Code
ABS-12Gestation Period - Weeks
ABS-13Newborn Code
ABS-14Stillborn Indicator
ACC-1Accident Date/Time
ACC-2Accident Code
ACC-3Accident Location
ACC-4Auto Accident State
ACC-5Accident Job Related Indicator
ACC-6Accident Death Indicator
ACC-7Entered By
ACC-8Accident Description
ACC-9Brought In By
ACC-10Police Notified Indicator
ACC-11Accident Address
ACC-12Degree of patient liability
ACC-13Accident Identifier
ADD-1Addendum Continuation Pointer
ADJ-1Provider Adjustment Number
ADJ-2Payer Adjustment Number
ADJ-3Adjustment Sequence Number
ADJ-4Adjustment Category
ADJ-5Adjustment Amount
ADJ-6Adjustment Quantity
ADJ-7Adjustment Reason PA
ADJ-8Adjustment Description
ADJ-9Original Value
ADJ-10Substitute Value
ADJ-11Adjustment Action
ADJ-12Provider Adjustment Number Cross Reference
ADJ-13Provider Product/Service Line Item Number Cross Reference
ADJ-14Adjustment Date
ADJ-15Responsible Organization
AFF-2Professional Organization
AFF-3Professional Organization Address
AFF-4Professional Organization Affiliation Date Range
AFF-5Professional Affiliation Additional Information
AIG-2Segment Action Code
AIG-3Resource ID
AIG-4Resource Type
AIG-5Resource Group
AIG-6Resource Quantity
AIG-7Resource Quantity Units
AIG-8Start Date/Time
AIG-9Start Date/Time Offset
AIG-10Start Date/Time Offset Units
AIG-12Duration Units
AIG-13Allow Substitution Code
AIG-14Filler Status Code
AIL-2Segment Action Code
AIL-3Location Resource ID
AIL-4Location Type - AIL
AIL-5Location Group
AIL-6Start Date/Time
AIL-7Start Date/Time Offset
AIL-8Start Date/Time Offset Units
AIL-10Duration Units
AIL-11Allow Substitution Code
AIL-12Filler Status Code
AIP-2Segment Action Code
AIP-3Personnel Resource ID
AIP-4Resource Type
AIP-5Resource Group
AIP-6Start Date/Time
AIP-7Start Date/Time Offset
AIP-8Start Date/Time Offset Units
AIP-10Duration Units
AIP-11Allow Substitution Code
AIP-12Filler Status Code
AIS-2Segment Action Code
AIS-3Universal Service Identifier
AIS-4Start Date/Time
AIS-5Start Date/Time Offset
AIS-6Start Date/Time Offset Units
AIS-8Duration Units
AIS-9Allow Substitution Code
AIS-10Filler Status Code
AIS-11Placer Supplemental Service Information
AIS-12Filler Supplemental Service Information
AL1-1Set ID - AL1
AL1-2Allergen Type Code
AL1-3Allergen Code/Mnemonic/Description
AL1-4Allergy Severity Code
AL1-5Allergy Reaction Code
AL1-6Identification Date
APR-1Time Selection Criteria
APR-2Resource Selection Criteria
APR-3Location Selection Criteria
APR-4Slot Spacing Criteria
APR-5Filler Override Criteria
ARQ-1Placer Appointment ID
ARQ-2Filler Appointment ID
ARQ-3Occurrence Number
ARQ-4Placer Group Number
ARQ-5Schedule ID
ARQ-6Request Event Reason
ARQ-7Appointment Reason
ARQ-8Appointment Type
ARQ-9Appointment Duration
ARQ-10Appointment Duration Units
ARQ-11Requested Start Date/Time Range
ARQ-13Repeating Interval
ARQ-14Repeating Interval Duration
ARQ-15Placer Contact Person
ARQ-16Placer Contact Phone Number
ARQ-17Placer Contact Address
ARQ-18Placer Contact Location
ARQ-19Entered By Person
ARQ-20Entered By Phone Number
ARQ-21Entered By Location
ARQ-22Parent Placer Appointment ID
ARQ-23Parent Filler Appointment ID
ARQ-24Placer Order Number
ARQ-25Filler Order Number
ARV-2Access Restriction Action Code
ARV-3Access Restriction Value
ARV-4Access Restriction Reason
ARV-5Special Access Restriction Instructions
ARV-6Access Restriction Date Range
AUT-1Authorizing Payor, Plan ID
AUT-2Authorizing Payor, Company ID
AUT-3Authorizing Payor, Company Name
AUT-4Authorization Effective Date
AUT-5Authorization Expiration Date
AUT-6Authorization Identifier
AUT-7Reimbursement Limit
AUT-8Requested Number of Treatments
AUT-9Authorized Number of Treatments
AUT-10Process Date
AUT-11Requested Discipline(s)
AUT-12Authorized Discipline(s)
AUT-13Authorization Referral Type
AUT-14Approval Status
AUT-15Planned Treatment Stop Date
AUT-16Clinical Service
AUT-17Reason Text
AUT-18Number of Authorized Treatments/Units
AUT-19Number of Used Treatments/Units
AUT-20Number of Schedule Treatments/Units
AUT-21Encounter Type
AUT-22Remaining Benefit Amount
AUT-23Authorized Provider
AUT-24Authorized Health Professional
AUT-25Source Text
AUT-26Source Date
AUT-27Source Phone
AUT-29Action Code
BHS-1Batch Field Separator
BHS-2Batch Encoding Characters
BHS-3Batch Sending Application
BHS-4Batch Sending Facility
BHS-5Batch Receiving Application
BHS-6Batch Receiving Facility
BHS-7Batch Creation Date/Time
BHS-8Batch Security
BHS-9Batch Name/ID/Type
BHS-10Batch Comment
BHS-11Batch Control ID
BHS-12Reference Batch Control ID
BHS-13Batch Sending Network Address
BHS-14Batch Receiving Network Address
BLC-1Blood Product Code
BLC-2Blood Amount
BLG-1When to Charge
BLG-2Charge Type
BLG-3Account ID
BLG-4Charge Type Reason
BPO-2BP Universal Service Identifier
BPO-3BP Processing Requirements
BPO-4BP Quantity
BPO-5BP Amount
BPO-6BP Units
BPO-7BP Intended Use Date/Time
BPO-8BP Intended Dispense From Location
BPO-9BP Intended Dispense From Address
BPO-10BP Requested Dispense Date/Time
BPO-11BP Requested Dispense To Location
BPO-12BP Requested Dispense To Address
BPO-13BP Indication for Use
BPO-14BP Informed Consent Indicator
BPX-2BP Dispense Status
BPX-3BP Status
BPX-4BP Date/Time of Status
BPX-5BC Donation ID
BPX-6BC Component
BPX-7BC Donation Type / Intended Use
BPX-8CP Commercial Product
BPX-9CP Manufacturer
BPX-10CP Lot Number
BPX-11BP Blood Group
BPX-12BC Special Testing
BPX-13BP Expiration Date/Time
BPX-14BP Quantity
BPX-15BP Amount
BPX-16BP Units
BPX-17BP Unique ID
BPX-18BP Actual Dispensed To Location
BPX-19BP Actual Dispensed To Address
BPX-20BP Dispensed to Receiver
BPX-21BP Dispensing Individual
BTS-1Batch Message Count
BTS-2Batch Comment
BTS-3Batch Totals
BTX-2BC Donation ID
BTX-3BC Component
BTX-4BC Blood Group
BTX-5CP Commercial Product
BTX-6CP Manufacturer
BTX-7CP Lot Number
BTX-8BP Quantity
BTX-9BP Amount
BTX-10BP Units
BTX-11BP Transfusion/Disposition Status
BTX-12BP Message Status
BTX-13BP Date/Time of Status
BTX-14BP Transfusion Administrator
BTX-15BP Transfusion Verifier
BTX-16BP Transfusion Start Date/Time of Status
BTX-17BP Transfusion End Date/Time of Status
BTX-18BP Adverse Reaction Type
BTX-19BP Transfusion Interrupted Reason
BTX-20BP Unique ID
BUI-2Blood Unit Identifier
BUI-3Blood Unit Type
BUI-4Blood Unit Weight
BUI-5Weight Units
BUI-6Blood Unit Volume
BUI-7Volume Units
BUI-8Container Catalog Number
BUI-9Container Lot Number
BUI-10Container Manufacturer
BUI-11Transport Temperature
BUI-12Transport Temperature Units
CDM-1Primary Key Value - CDM
CDM-2Charge Code Alias
CDM-3Charge Description Short
CDM-4Charge Description Long
CDM-5Description Override Indicator
CDM-6Exploding Charges
CDM-7Procedure Code
CDM-8Active/Inactive Flag
CDM-9Inventory Number
CDM-10Resource Load
CDM-11Contract Number
CDM-12Contract Organization
CDM-13Room Fee Indicator
CDO-2Action Code
CDO-3Cumulative Dosage Limit
CDO-4Cumulative Dosage Limit Time Interval
CER-2Serial Number
CER-4Granting Authority
CER-5Issuing Authority
CER-7Granting Country
CER-8Granting State/Province
CER-9Granting County/Parish
CER-10Certificate Type
CER-11Certificate Domain
CER-12Subject ID
CER-13Subject Name
CER-14Subject Directory Attribute Extension
CER-15Subject Public Key Info
CER-16Authority Key Identifier
CER-17Basic Constraint
CER-18CRL Distribution Point
CER-19Jurisdiction Country
CER-20Jurisdiction State/Province
CER-21Jurisdiction County/Parish
CER-22Jurisdiction Breadth
CER-23Granting Date
CER-24Issuing Date
CER-25Activation Date
CER-26Inactivation Date
CER-27Expiration Date
CER-28Renewal Date
CER-29Revocation Date
CER-30Revocation Reason Code
CER-31Certificate Status Code
CM0-1Set ID - CM0
CM0-2Sponsor Study ID
CM0-3Alternate Study ID
CM0-4Title of Study
CM0-5Chairman of Study
CM0-6Last IRB Approval Date
CM0-7Total Accrual to Date
CM0-8Last Accrual Date
CM0-9Contact for Study
CM0-10Contact's Telephone Number
CM0-11Contact's Address
CM1-1Set ID - CM1
CM1-2Study Phase Identifier
CM1-3Description of Study Phase
CM2-1Set ID- CM2
CM2-2Scheduled Time Point
CM2-3Description of Time Point
CM2-4Events Scheduled This Time Point
CNS-1Starting Notification Reference Number
CNS-2Ending Notification Reference Number
CNS-3Starting Notification Date/Time
CNS-4Ending Notification Date/Time
CNS-5Starting Notification Code
CNS-6Ending Notification Code
CON-2Consent Type
CON-3Consent Form ID and Version
CON-4Consent Form Number
CON-5Consent Text
CON-6Subject-specific Consent Text
CON-7Consent Background Information
CON-8Subject-specific Consent Background Text
CON-9Consenter-imposed limitations
CON-10Consent Mode
CON-11Consent Status
CON-12Consent Discussion Date/Time
CON-13Consent Decision Date/Time
CON-14Consent Effective Date/Time
CON-15Consent End Date/Time
CON-16Subject Competence Indicator
CON-17Translator Assistance Indicator
CON-18Language Translated To
CON-19Informational Material Supplied Indicator
CON-20Consent Bypass Reason
CON-21Consent Disclosure Level
CON-22Consent Non-disclosure Reason
CON-23Non-subject Consenter Reason
CON-24Consenter ID
CON-25Relationship to Subject
CSP-1Study Phase Identifier
CSP-2Date/time Study Phase Began
CSP-3Date/time Study Phase Ended
CSP-4Study Phase Evaluability
CSR-1Sponsor Study ID
CSR-2Alternate Study ID
CSR-3Institution Registering the Patient
CSR-4Sponsor Patient ID
CSR-5Alternate Patient ID - CSR
CSR-6Date/Time of Patient Study Registration
CSR-7Person Performing Study Registration
CSR-8Study Authorizing Provider
CSR-9Date/Time Patient Study Consent Signed
CSR-10Patient Study Eligibility Status
CSR-11Study Randomization Date/time
CSR-12Randomized Study Arm
CSR-13Stratum for Study Randomization
CSR-14Patient Evaluability Status
CSR-15Date/Time Ended Study
CSR-16Reason Ended Study
CSS-1Study Scheduled Time Point
CSS-2Study Scheduled Patient Time Point
CSS-3Study Quality Control Codes
CTD-1Contact Role
CTD-2Contact Name
CTD-3Contact Address
CTD-4Contact Location
CTD-5Contact Communication Information
CTD-6Preferred Method of Contact
CTD-7Contact Identifiers
CTI-1Sponsor Study ID
CTI-2Study Phase Identifier
CTI-3Study Scheduled Time Point
DB1-1Set ID - DB1
DB1-2Disabled Person Code
DB1-3Disabled Person Identifier
DB1-4Disability Indicator
DB1-5Disability Start Date
DB1-6Disability End Date
DB1-7Disability Return to Work Date
DB1-8Disability Unable to Work Date
DG1-1Set ID - DG1
DG1-2Diagnosis Coding Method
DG1-3Diagnosis Code - DG1
DG1-4Diagnosis Description
DG1-5Diagnosis Date/Time
DG1-6Diagnosis Type
DG1-7Major Diagnostic Category
DG1-8Diagnostic Related Group
DG1-9DRG Approval Indicator
DG1-10DRG Grouper Review Code
DG1-11Outlier Type
DG1-12Outlier Days
DG1-13Outlier Cost
DG1-14Grouper Version And Type
DG1-15Diagnosis Priority
DG1-16Diagnosing Clinician
DG1-17Diagnosis Classification
DG1-18Confidential Indicator
DG1-19Attestation Date/Time
DG1-20Diagnosis Identifier
DG1-21Diagnosis Action Code
DG1-22Parent Diagnosis
DG1-23DRG CCL Value Code
DG1-24DRG Grouping Usage
DG1-25DRG Diagnosis Determination Status
DG1-26Present On Admission (POA) Indicator
DMI-1Diagnostic Related Group
DMI-2Major Diagnostic Category
DMI-3Lower and Upper Trim Points
DMI-4Average Length of Stay
DMI-5Relative Weight
DON-1Donation Identification Number - DIN
DON-2Donation Type
DON-3Phlebotomy Start Date/Time
DON-4Phlebotomy End Date/Time
DON-5Donation Duration
DON-6Donation Duration Units
DON-7Intended Procedure Type
DON-8Actual Procedure Type
DON-9Donor Eligibility Flag
DON-10Donor Eligibility Procedure Type
DON-11Donor Eligibility Date
DON-12Process Interruption
DON-13Process Interruption Reason
DON-14Phlebotomy Issue
DON-15Intended Recipient Blood Relative
DON-16Intended Recipient Name
DON-17Intended Recipient DOB
DON-18Intended Recipient Facility
DON-19Intended Recipient Procedure Date
DON-20Intended Recipient Ordering Provider
DON-21Phlebotomy Status
DON-22Arm Stick
DON-23Bleed Start Phlebotomist
DON-24Bleed End Phlebotomist
DON-25Aphaeresis Type Machine
DON-26Aphaeresis Machine Serial Number
DON-27Donor Reaction
DON-28Final Review Staff ID
DON-29Final Review Date/Time
DON-30Number of Tubes Collected
DON-31Donation Sample Identifier
DON-32Donation Accept Staff
DON-33Donation Material Review Staff
DRG-1Diagnostic Related Group
DRG-2DRG Assigned Date/Time
DRG-3DRG Approval Indicator
DRG-4DRG Grouper Review Code
DRG-5Outlier Type
DRG-6Outlier Days
DRG-7Outlier Cost
DRG-8DRG Payor
DRG-9Outlier Reimbursement
DRG-10Confidential Indicator
DRG-11DRG Transfer Type
DRG-12Name of Coder
DRG-13Grouper Status
DRG-14PCCL Value Code
DRG-15Effective Weight
DRG-16Monetary Amount
DRG-17Status Patient
DRG-18Grouper Software Name
DRG-19Grouper Software Version
DRG-20Status Financial Calculation
DRG-21Relative Discount/Surcharge
DRG-22Basic Charge
DRG-23Total Charge
DRG-25Calculated Days
DRG-26Status Gender
DRG-27Status Age
DRG-28Status Length of Stay
DRG-29Status Same Day Flag
DRG-30Status Separation Mode
DRG-31Status Weight at Birth
DRG-32Status Respiration Minutes
DRG-33Status Admission
DSC-1Continuation Pointer
DSC-2Continuation Style
DSP-2Display Level
DSP-3Data Line
DSP-4Logical Break Point
DSP-5Result ID
ECD-1Reference Command Number
ECD-2Remote Control Command
ECD-3Response Required
ECD-4Requested Completion Time
ECR-1Command Response
ECR-2Date/Time Completed
ECR-3Command Response Parameters
EDU-2Academic Degree
EDU-3Academic Degree Program Date Range
EDU-4Academic Degree Program Participation Date Range
EDU-5Academic Degree Granted Date
EDU-7School Type Code
EDU-8School Address
EDU-9Major Field of Study
EQP-1Event type
EQP-2File Name
EQP-3Start Date/Time
EQP-4End Date/Time
EQP-5Transaction Data
EQU-1Equipment Instance Identifier
EQU-2Event Date/Time
EQU-3Equipment State
EQU-4Local/Remote Control State
EQU-5Alert Level
ERR-1Error Code and Location
ERR-2Error Location
ERR-3HL7 Error Code
ERR-5Application Error Code
ERR-6Application Error Parameter
ERR-7Diagnostic Information
ERR-8User Message
ERR-9Inform Person Indicator
ERR-10Override Type
ERR-11Override Reason Code
ERR-12Help Desk Contact Point
EVN-1Event Type Code
EVN-2Recorded Date/Time
EVN-3Date/Time Planned Event
EVN-4Event Reason Code
EVN-5Operator ID
EVN-6Event Occurred
EVN-7Event Facility
FAC-1Facility ID-FAC
FAC-2Facility Type
FAC-3Facility Address
FAC-4Facility Telecommunication
FAC-5Contact Person
FAC-6Contact Title
FAC-7Contact Address
FAC-8Contact Telecommunication
FAC-9Signature Authority
FAC-10Signature Authority Title
FAC-11Signature Authority Address
FAC-12Signature Authority Telecommunication
FHS-1File Field Separator
FHS-2File Encoding Characters
FHS-3File Sending Application
FHS-4File Sending Facility
FHS-5File Receiving Application
FHS-6File Receiving Facility
FHS-7File Creation Date/Time
FHS-8File Security
FHS-9File Name/ID
FHS-10File Header Comment
FHS-11File Control ID
FHS-12Reference File Control ID
FHS-13File Sending Network Address
FHS-14File Receiving Network Address
FT1-1Set ID - FT1
FT1-2Transaction ID
FT1-3Transaction Batch ID
FT1-4Transaction Date
FT1-5Transaction Posting Date
FT1-6Transaction Type
FT1-7Transaction Code
FT1-8Transaction Description
FT1-9Transaction Description - Alt
FT1-10Transaction Quantity
FT1-11Transaction Amount - Extended
FT1-12Transaction amount - unit
FT1-13Department Code
FT1-14Health Plan ID
FT1-15Insurance Amount
FT1-16Assigned Patient Location
FT1-17Fee Schedule
FT1-18Patient Type
FT1-19Diagnosis Code - FT1
FT1-20Performed By Code
FT1-21Ordered By Code
FT1-22Unit Cost
FT1-23Filler Order Number
FT1-24Entered By Code
FT1-25Procedure Code
FT1-26Procedure Code Modifier
FT1-27Advanced Beneficiary Notice Code
FT1-28Medically Necessary Duplicate Procedure Reason
FT1-29NDC Code
FT1-30Payment Reference ID
FT1-31Transaction Reference Key
FT1-32Performing Facility
FT1-33Ordering Facility
FT1-34Item Number
FT1-35Model Number
FT1-36Special Processing Code
FT1-37Clinic Code
FT1-38Referral Number
FT1-39Authorization Number
FT1-40Service Provider Taxonomy Code
FT1-41Revenue Code
FT1-42Prescription Number
FT1-43NDC Qty and UOM
FTS-1File Batch Count
FTS-2File Trailer Comment
GOL-1Action Code
GOL-2Action Date/Time
GOL-3Goal ID
GOL-4Goal Instance ID
GOL-5Episode of Care ID
GOL-6Goal List Priority
GOL-7Goal Established Date/Time
GOL-8Expected Goal Achieve Date/Time
GOL-9Goal Classification
GOL-10Goal Management Discipline
GOL-11Current Goal Review Status
GOL-12Current Goal Review Date/Time
GOL-13Next Goal Review Date/Time
GOL-14Previous Goal Review Date/Time
GOL-15Goal Review Interval
GOL-16Goal Evaluation
GOL-17Goal Evaluation Comment
GOL-18Goal Life Cycle Status
GOL-19Goal Life Cycle Status Date/Time
GOL-20Goal Target Type
GOL-21Goal Target Name
GOL-22Mood Code
GP1-1Type of Bill Code
GP1-2Revenue Code
GP1-3Overall Claim Disposition Code
GP1-4OCE Edits per Visit Code
GP1-5Outlier Cost
GP2-1Revenue Code
GP2-2Number of Service Units
GP2-4Reimbursement Action Code
GP2-5Denial or Rejection Code
GP2-6OCE Edit Code
GP2-7Ambulatory Payment Classification Code
GP2-8Modifier Edit Code
GP2-9Payment Adjustment Code
GP2-10Packaging Status Code
GP2-11Expected CMS Payment Amount
GP2-12Reimbursement Type Code
GP2-13Co-Pay Amount
GP2-14Pay Rate per Service Unit
GT1-1Set ID - GT1
GT1-2Guarantor Number
GT1-3Guarantor Name
GT1-4Guarantor Spouse Name
GT1-5Guarantor Address
GT1-6Guarantor Ph Num - Home
GT1-7Guarantor Ph Num - Business
GT1-8Guarantor Date/Time Of Birth
GT1-9Guarantor Administrative Sex
GT1-10Guarantor Type
GT1-11Guarantor Relationship
GT1-12Guarantor SSN
GT1-13Guarantor Date - Begin
GT1-14Guarantor Date - End
GT1-15Guarantor Priority
GT1-16Guarantor Employer Name
GT1-17Guarantor Employer Address
GT1-18Guarantor Employer Phone Number
GT1-19Guarantor Employee ID Number
GT1-20Guarantor Employment Status
GT1-21Guarantor Organization Name
GT1-22Guarantor Billing Hold Flag
GT1-23Guarantor Credit Rating Code
GT1-24Guarantor Death Date And Time
GT1-25Guarantor Death Flag
GT1-26Guarantor Charge Adjustment Code
GT1-27Guarantor Household Annual Income
GT1-28Guarantor Household Size
GT1-29Guarantor Employer ID Number
GT1-30Guarantor Marital Status Code
GT1-31Guarantor Hire Effective Date
GT1-32Employment Stop Date
GT1-33Living Dependency
GT1-34Ambulatory Status
GT1-36Primary Language
GT1-37Living Arrangement
GT1-38Publicity Code
GT1-39Protection Indicator
GT1-40Student Indicator
GT1-42Mother's Maiden Name
GT1-44Ethnic Group
GT1-45Contact Person's Name
GT1-46Contact Person's Telephone Number
GT1-47Contact Reason
GT1-48Contact Relationship
GT1-49Job Title
GT1-50Job Code/Class
GT1-51Guarantor Employer's Organization Name
GT1-53Job Status
GT1-54Guarantor Financial Class
GT1-55Guarantor Race
GT1-56Guarantor Birth Place
GT1-57VIP Indicator
IAM-2Allergen Type Code
IAM-3Allergen Code/Mnemonic/Description
IAM-4Allergy Severity Code
IAM-5Allergy Reaction Code
IAM-6Allergy Action Code
IAM-7Allergy Unique Identifier
IAM-8Action Reason
IAM-9Sensitivity to Causative Agent Code
IAM-10Allergen Group Code/Mnemonic/Description
IAM-11Onset Date
IAM-12Onset Date Text
IAM-13Reported Date/Time
IAM-14Reported By
IAM-15Relationship to Patient Code
IAM-16Alert Device Code
IAM-17Allergy Clinical Status Code
IAM-18Statused by Person
IAM-19Statused by Organization
IAM-20Statused at Date/Time
IAM-21Inactivated by Person
IAM-22Inactivated Date/Time
IAM-23Initially Recorded by Person
IAM-24Initially Recorded Date/Time
IAM-25Modified by Person
IAM-26Modified Date/Time
IAM-27Clinician Identified Code
IAM-28Initially Recorded by Organization
IAM-29Modified by Organization
IAM-30Inactivated by Organization
IAR-1Allergy Reaction Code
IAR-2Allergy Severity Code
IAR-3Sensitivity to Causative Agent Code
IIM-1Primary Key Value - IIM
IIM-2Service Item Code
IIM-3Inventory Lot Number
IIM-4Inventory Expiration Date
IIM-5Inventory Manufacturer Name
IIM-6Inventory Location
IIM-7Inventory Received Date
IIM-8Inventory Received Quantity
IIM-9Inventory Received Quantity Unit
IIM-10Inventory Received Item Cost
IIM-11Inventory On Hand Date
IIM-12Inventory On Hand Quantity
IIM-13Inventory On Hand Quantity Unit
IIM-14Procedure Code
IIM-15Procedure Code Modifier
ILT-1Set Id - ILT
ILT-2Inventory Lot Number
ILT-3Inventory Expiration Date
ILT-4Inventory Received Date
ILT-5Inventory Received Quantity
ILT-6Inventory Received Quantity Unit
ILT-7Inventory Received Item Cost
ILT-8Inventory On Hand Date
ILT-9Inventory On Hand Quantity
ILT-10Inventory On Hand Quantity Unit
IN1-1Set ID - IN1
IN1-2Health Plan ID
IN1-3Insurance Company ID
IN1-4Insurance Company Name
IN1-5Insurance Company Address
IN1-6Insurance Co Contact Person
IN1-7Insurance Co Phone Number
IN1-8Group Number
IN1-9Group Name
IN1-10Insured's Group Emp ID
IN1-11Insured's Group Emp Name
IN1-12Plan Effective Date
IN1-13Plan Expiration Date
IN1-14Authorization Information
IN1-15Plan Type
IN1-16Name Of Insured
IN1-17Insured's Relationship To Patient
IN1-18Insured's Date Of Birth
IN1-19Insured's Address
IN1-20Assignment Of Benefits
IN1-21Coordination Of Benefits
IN1-22Coord Of Ben. Priority
IN1-23Notice Of Admission Flag
IN1-24Notice Of Admission Date
IN1-25Report Of Eligibility Flag
IN1-26Report Of Eligibility Date
IN1-27Release Information Code
IN1-28Pre-Admit Cert (PAC)
IN1-29Verification Date/Time
IN1-30Verification By
IN1-31Type Of Agreement Code
IN1-32Billing Status
IN1-33Lifetime Reserve Days
IN1-34Delay Before L.R. Day
IN1-35Company Plan Code
IN1-36Policy Number
IN1-37Policy Deductible
IN1-38Policy Limit - Amount
IN1-39Policy Limit - Days
IN1-40Room Rate - Semi-Private
IN1-41Room Rate - Private
IN1-42Insured's Employment Status
IN1-43Insured's Administrative Sex
IN1-44Insured's Employer's Address
IN1-45Verification Status
IN1-46Prior Insurance Plan ID
IN1-47Coverage Type
IN1-49Insured's ID Number
IN1-50Signature Code
IN1-51Signature Code Date
IN1-52Insured's Birth Place
IN1-53VIP Indicator
IN1-54External Health Plan Identifiers
IN1-55Insurance Action Code
IN2-1Insured's Employee ID
IN2-2Insured's Social Security Number
IN2-3Insured's Employer's Name and ID
IN2-4Employer Information Data
IN2-5Mail Claim Party
IN2-6Medicare Health Ins Card Number
IN2-7Medicaid Case Name
IN2-8Medicaid Case Number
IN2-9Military Sponsor Name
IN2-10Military ID Number
IN2-11Dependent Of Military Recipient
IN2-12Military Organization
IN2-13Military Station
IN2-14Military Service
IN2-15Military Rank/Grade
IN2-16Military Status
IN2-17Military Retire Date
IN2-18Military Non-Avail Cert On File
IN2-19Baby Coverage
IN2-20Combine Baby Bill
IN2-21Blood Deductible
IN2-22Special Coverage Approval Name
IN2-23Special Coverage Approval Title
IN2-24Non-Covered Insurance Code
IN2-25Payor ID
IN2-26Payor Subscriber ID
IN2-27Eligibility Source
IN2-28Room Coverage Type/Amount
IN2-29Policy Type/Amount
IN2-30Daily Deductible
IN2-31Living Dependency
IN2-32Ambulatory Status
IN2-34Primary Language
IN2-35Living Arrangement
IN2-36Publicity Code
IN2-37Protection Indicator
IN2-38Student Indicator
IN2-40Mother's Maiden Name
IN2-42Ethnic Group
IN2-43Marital Status
IN2-44Insured's Employment Start Date
IN2-45Employment Stop Date
IN2-46Job Title
IN2-47Job Code/Class
IN2-48Job Status
IN2-49Employer Contact Person Name
IN2-50Employer Contact Person Phone Number
IN2-51Employer Contact Reason
IN2-52Insured's Contact Person's Name
IN2-53Insured's Contact Person Phone Number
IN2-54Insured's Contact Person Reason
IN2-55Relationship to the Patient Start Date
IN2-56Relationship to the Patient Stop Date
IN2-57Insurance Co Contact Reason
IN2-58Insurance Co Contact Phone Number
IN2-59Policy Scope
IN2-60Policy Source
IN2-61Patient Member Number
IN2-62Guarantor's Relationship to Insured
IN2-63Insured's Phone Number - Home
IN2-64Insured's Employer Phone Number
IN2-65Military Handicapped Program
IN2-66Suspend Flag
IN2-67Copay Limit Flag
IN2-68Stoploss Limit Flag
IN2-69Insured Organization Name and ID
IN2-70Insured Employer Organization Name and ID
IN2-72Patient's Relationship to Insured
IN3-1Set ID - IN3
IN3-2Certification Number
IN3-3Certified By
IN3-4Certification Required
IN3-6Certification Date/Time
IN3-7Certification Modify Date/Time
IN3-9Certification Begin Date
IN3-10Certification End Date
IN3-12Non-Concur Code/Description
IN3-13Non-Concur Effective Date/Time
IN3-14Physician Reviewer
IN3-15Certification Contact
IN3-16Certification Contact Phone Number
IN3-17Appeal Reason
IN3-18Certification Agency
IN3-19Certification Agency Phone Number
IN3-20Pre-Certification Requirement
IN3-21Case Manager
IN3-22Second Opinion Date
IN3-23Second Opinion Status
IN3-24Second Opinion Documentation Received
IN3-25Second Opinion Physician
IN3-26Certification Type
IN3-27Certification Category
INV-1Substance Identifier
INV-2Substance Status
INV-3Substance Type
INV-4Inventory Container Identifier
INV-5Container Carrier Identifier
INV-6Position on Carrier
INV-7Initial Quantity
INV-8Current Quantity
INV-9Available Quantity
INV-10Consumption Quantity
INV-11Quantity Units
INV-12Expiration Date/Time
INV-13First Used Date/Time
INV-14On Board Stability Duration
INV-15Test/Fluid Identifier(s)
INV-16Manufacturer Lot Number
INV-17Manufacturer Identifier
INV-18Supplier Identifier
INV-19On Board Stability Time
INV-20Target Value
IPC-1Accession Identifier
IPC-2Requested Procedure ID
IPC-3Study Instance UID
IPC-4Scheduled Procedure Step ID
IPC-6Protocol Code
IPC-7Scheduled Station Name
IPC-8Scheduled Procedure Step Location
IPC-9Scheduled Station AE Title
IPR-1IPR Identifier
IPR-2Provider Cross Reference Identifier
IPR-3Payer Cross Reference Identifier
IPR-4IPR Status
IPR-5IPR Date/Time
IPR-6Adjudicated/Paid Amount
IPR-7Expected Payment Date/Time
IPR-8IPR Checksum
ISD-1Reference Interaction Number
ISD-2Interaction Type Identifier
ISD-3Interaction Active State
ITM-1Item Identifier
ITM-2Item Description
ITM-3Item Status
ITM-4Item Type
ITM-5Item Category
ITM-6Subject to Expiration Indicator
ITM-7Manufacturer Identifier
ITM-8Manufacturer Name
ITM-9Manufacturer Catalog Number
ITM-10Manufacturer Labeler Identification Code
ITM-11Patient Chargeable Indicator
ITM-12Transaction Code
ITM-13Transaction amount - unit
ITM-14Stocked Item Indicator
ITM-15Supply Risk Codes
ITM-16Approving Regulatory Agency
ITM-17Latex Indicator
ITM-18Ruling Act
ITM-19Item Natural Account Code
ITM-20Approved To Buy Quantity
ITM-21Approved To Buy Price
ITM-22Taxable Item Indicator
ITM-23Freight Charge Indicator
ITM-24Item Set Indicator
ITM-25Item Set Identifier
ITM-26Track Department Usage Indicator
ITM-27Procedure Code
ITM-28Procedure Code Modifier
ITM-29Special Handling Code
ITM-30Hazardous Indicator
ITM-31Sterile Indicator
ITM-32Material Data Safety Sheet Number
ITM-33United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC)
IVC-1Provider Invoice Number
IVC-2Payer Invoice Number
IVC-3Contract/Agreement Number
IVC-4Invoice Control
IVC-5Invoice Reason
IVC-6Invoice Type
IVC-7Invoice Date/Time
IVC-8Invoice Amount
IVC-9Payment Terms
IVC-10Provider Organization
IVC-11Payer Organization
IVC-13Last Invoice Indicator
IVC-14Invoice Booking Period
IVC-16Invoice Fixed Amount
IVC-17Special Costs
IVC-18Amount for Doctors Treatment
IVC-19Responsible Physician
IVC-20Cost Center
IVC-21Invoice Prepaid Amount
IVC-22Total Invoice Amount without Prepaid Amount
IVC-23Total-Amount of VAT
IVC-24VAT-Rates applied
IVC-25Benefit Group
IVC-26Provider Tax ID
IVC-27Payer Tax ID
IVC-28Provider Tax Status
IVC-29Payer Tax Status
IVC-30Sales Tax ID
IVT-1Set Id - IVT
IVT-2Inventory Location Identifier
IVT-3Inventory Location Name
IVT-4Source Location Identifier
IVT-5Source Location Name
IVT-6Item Status
IVT-7Bin Location Identifier
IVT-8Order Packaging
IVT-9Issue Packaging
IVT-10Default Inventory Asset Account
IVT-11Patient Chargeable Indicator
IVT-12Transaction Code
IVT-13Transaction amount - unit
IVT-14Item Importance Code
IVT-15Stocked Item Indicator
IVT-16Consignment Item Indicator
IVT-17Reusable Item Indicator
IVT-18Reusable Cost
IVT-19Substitute Item Identifier
IVT-20Latex-Free Substitute Item Identifier
IVT-21Recommended Reorder Theory
IVT-22Recommended Safety Stock Days
IVT-23Recommended Maximum Days Inventory
IVT-24Recommended Order Point
IVT-25Recommended Order Amount
IVT-26Operating Room Par Level Indicator
LAN-2Language Code
LAN-3Language Ability Code
LAN-4Language Proficiency Code
LCC-1Primary Key Value - LCC
LCC-2Location Department
LCC-3Accommodation Type
LCC-4Charge Code
LCH-1Primary Key Value - LCH
LCH-2Segment Action Code
LCH-3Segment Unique Key
LCH-4Location Characteristic ID
LCH-5Location Characteristic Value - LCH
LDP-1Primary Key Value - LDP
LDP-2Location Department
LDP-3Location Service
LDP-4Specialty Type
LDP-5Valid Patient Classes
LDP-6Active/Inactive Flag
LDP-7Activation Date - LDP
LDP-8Inactivation Date - LDP
LDP-9Inactivated Reason
LDP-10Visiting Hours
LDP-11Contact Phone
LDP-12Location Cost Center
LOC-1Primary Key Value - LOC
LOC-2Location Description
LOC-3Location Type - LOC
LOC-4Organization Name - LOC
LOC-5Location Address
LOC-6Location Phone
LOC-7License Number
LOC-8Location Equipment
LOC-9Location Service Code
LRL-1Primary Key Value - LRL
LRL-2Segment Action Code
LRL-3Segment Unique Key
LRL-4Location Relationship ID
LRL-5Organizational Location Relationship Value
LRL-6Patient Location Relationship Value
MFA-1Record-Level Event Code
MFA-2MFN Control ID
MFA-3Event Completion Date/Time
MFA-4MFN Record Level Error Return
MFA-5Primary Key Value - MFA
MFA-6Primary Key Value Type - MFA
MFE-1Record-Level Event Code
MFE-2MFN Control ID
MFE-3Effective Date/Time
MFE-4Primary Key Value - MFE
MFE-5Primary Key Value Type
MFE-6Entered Date/Time
MFE-7Entered By
MFI-1Master File Identifier
MFI-2Master File Application Identifier
MFI-3File-Level Event Code
MFI-4Entered Date/Time
MFI-5Effective Date/Time
MFI-6Response Level Code
MRG-1Prior Patient Identifier List
MRG-2Prior Alternate Patient ID
MRG-3Prior Patient Account Number
MRG-4Prior Patient ID
MRG-5Prior Visit Number
MRG-6Prior Alternate Visit ID
MRG-7Prior Patient Name
MSA-1Acknowledgment Code
MSA-2Message Control ID
MSA-3Text Message
MSA-4Expected Sequence Number
MSA-5Delayed Acknowledgment Type
MSA-6Error Condition
MSA-7Message Waiting Number
MSA-8Message Waiting Priority
MSH-1Field Separator
MSH-2Encoding Characters
MSH-3Sending Application
MSH-4Sending Facility
MSH-5Receiving Application
MSH-6Receiving Facility
MSH-7Date/Time of Message
MSH-9Message Type
MSH-10Message Control ID
MSH-11Processing ID
MSH-12Version ID
MSH-13Sequence Number
MSH-14Continuation Pointer
MSH-15Accept Acknowledgment Type
MSH-16Application Acknowledgment Type
MSH-17Country Code
MSH-18Character Set
MSH-19Principal Language Of Message
MSH-20Alternate Character Set Handling Scheme
MSH-21Message Profile Identifier
MSH-22Sending Responsible Organization
MSH-23Receiving Responsible Organization
MSH-24Sending Network Address
MSH-25Receiving Network Address
NCK-1System Date/Time
NDS-1Notification Reference Number
NDS-2Notification Date/Time
NDS-3Notification Alert Severity
NDS-4Notification Code
NK1-1Set ID - NK1
NK1-5Phone Number
NK1-6Business Phone Number
NK1-7Contact Role
NK1-8Start Date
NK1-9End Date
NK1-10Next of Kin / Associated Parties Job Title
NK1-11Next of Kin / Associated Parties Job Code/Class
NK1-12Next of Kin / Associated Parties Employee Number
NK1-13Organization Name - NK1
NK1-14Marital Status
NK1-15Administrative Sex
NK1-16Date/Time of Birth
NK1-17Living Dependency
NK1-18Ambulatory Status
NK1-20Primary Language
NK1-21Living Arrangement
NK1-22Publicity Code
NK1-23Protection Indicator
NK1-24Student Indicator
NK1-26Mother's Maiden Name
NK1-28Ethnic Group
NK1-29Contact Reason
NK1-30Contact Person's Name
NK1-31Contact Person's Telephone Number
NK1-32Contact Person's Address
NK1-33Next of Kin/Associated Party's Identifiers
NK1-34Job Status
NK1-37Contact Person Social Security Number
NK1-38Next of Kin Birth Place
NK1-39VIP Indicator
NK1-40Next of Kin Telecommunication Information
NK1-41Contact Person's Telecommunication Information
NPU-1Bed Location
NPU-2Bed Status
NSC-1Application Change Type
NSC-2Current CPU
NSC-3Current Fileserver
NSC-4Current Application
NSC-5Current Facility
NSC-7New Fileserver
NSC-8New Application
NSC-9New Facility
NST-1Statistics Available
NST-2Source Identifier
NST-3Source Type
NST-4Statistics Start
NST-5Statistics End
NST-6Receive Character Count
NST-7Send Character Count
NST-8Messages Received
NST-9Messages Sent
NST-10Checksum Errors Received
NST-11Length Errors Received
NST-12Other Errors Received
NST-13Connect Timeouts
NST-14Receive Timeouts
NST-15Application control-level Errors
NTE-2Source of Comment
NTE-4Comment Type
NTE-5Entered By
NTE-6Entered Date/Time
NTE-7Effective Start Date
NTE-8Expiration Date
OBR-2Placer Order Number
OBR-3Filler Order Number
OBR-4Universal Service Identifier
OBR-6Requested Date/Time
OBR-7Observation Date/Time #
OBR-8Observation End Date/Time #
OBR-9Collection Volume *
OBR-10Collector Identifier *
OBR-11Specimen Action Code *
OBR-12Danger Code
OBR-13Relevant Clinical Information
OBR-14Specimen Received Date/Time
OBR-15Specimen Source
OBR-16Ordering Provider
OBR-17Order Callback Phone Number
OBR-18Placer Field 1
OBR-19Placer Field 2
OBR-20Filler Field 1 +
OBR-21Filler Field 2 +
OBR-22Results Rpt/Status Chng - Date/Time +
OBR-23Charge to Practice +
OBR-24Diagnostic Serv Sect ID
OBR-25Result Status +
OBR-26Parent Result +
OBR-28Result Copies To
OBR-29Parent Results Observation Identifier
OBR-30Transportation Mode
OBR-31Reason for Study
OBR-32Principal Result Interpreter +
OBR-33Assistant Result Interpreter +
OBR-34Technician +
OBR-35Transcriptionist +
OBR-36Scheduled Date/Time +
OBR-37Number of Sample Containers *
OBR-38Transport Logistics of Collected Sample *
OBR-39Collector's Comment *
OBR-40Transport Arrangement Responsibility
OBR-41Transport Arranged
OBR-42Escort Required
OBR-43Planned Patient Transport Comment
OBR-44Procedure Code
OBR-45Procedure Code Modifier
OBR-46Placer Supplemental Service Information
OBR-47Filler Supplemental Service Information
OBR-48Medically Necessary Duplicate Procedure Reason
OBR-49Result Handling
OBR-50Parent Universal Service Identifier
OBR-51Observation Group ID
OBR-52Parent Observation Group ID
OBR-53Alternate Placer Order Number
OBR-54Parent Order
OBX-2Value Type
OBX-3Observation Identifier
OBX-4Observation Sub-ID
OBX-5Observation Value
OBX-7References Range
OBX-8Interpretation Codes
OBX-10Nature of Abnormal Test
OBX-11Observation Result Status
OBX-12Effective Date of Reference Range
OBX-13User Defined Access Checks
OBX-14Date/Time of the Observation
OBX-15Producer's ID
OBX-16Responsible Observer
OBX-17Observation Method
OBX-18Equipment Instance Identifier
OBX-19Date/Time of the Analysis
OBX-20Observation Site
OBX-21Observation Instance Identifier
OBX-22Mood Code
OBX-23Performing Organization Name
OBX-24Performing Organization Address
OBX-25Performing Organization Medical Director
OBX-26Patient Results Release Category
OBX-27Root Cause
OBX-28Local Process Control
ODS-2Service Period
ODS-3Diet, Supplement, or Preference Code
ODS-4Text Instruction
ODT-1Tray Type
ODT-2Service Period
ODT-3Text Instruction
OM1-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM1-2Producer's Service/Test/Observation ID
OM1-3Permitted Data Types
OM1-4Specimen Required
OM1-5Producer ID
OM1-6Observation Description
OM1-7Other Service/Test/Observation IDs for the Observation
OM1-8Other Names
OM1-9Preferred Report Name for the Observation
OM1-10Preferred Short Name or Mnemonic for the Observation
OM1-11Preferred Long Name for the Observation
OM1-13Identity of Instrument Used to Perform this Study
OM1-14Coded Representation of Method
OM1-15Portable Device Indicator
OM1-16Observation Producing Department/Section
OM1-17Telephone Number of Section
OM1-18Nature of Service/Test/Observation
OM1-19Report Subheader
OM1-20Report Display Order
OM1-21Date/Time Stamp for Any Change in Definition for the Observation
OM1-22Effective Date/Time of Change
OM1-23Typical Turn-Around Time
OM1-24Processing Time
OM1-25Processing Priority
OM1-26Reporting Priority
OM1-27Outside Site(s) Where Observation May Be Performed
OM1-28Address of Outside Site(s)
OM1-29Phone Number of Outside Site
OM1-30Confidentiality Code
OM1-31Observations Required to Interpret this Observation
OM1-32Interpretation of Observations
OM1-33Contraindications to Observations
OM1-34Reflex Tests/Observations
OM1-35Rules that Trigger Reflex Testing
OM1-36Fixed Canned Message
OM1-37Patient Preparation
OM1-38Procedure Medication
OM1-39Factors that may Affect the Observation
OM1-40Service/Test/Observation Performance Schedule
OM1-41Description of Test Methods
OM1-42Kind of Quantity Observed
OM1-43Point Versus Interval
OM1-44Challenge Information
OM1-45Relationship Modifier
OM1-46Target Anatomic Site Of Test
OM1-47Modality of Imaging Measurement
OM1-48Exclusive Test
OM1-49Diagnostic Serv Sect ID
OM1-50Taxonomic Classification Code
OM1-51Other Names
OM2-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM2-2Units of Measure
OM2-3Range of Decimal Precision
OM2-4Corresponding SI Units of Measure
OM2-5SI Conversion Factor
OM2-6Reference (Normal) Range for Ordinal and Continuous Observations
OM2-7Critical Range for Ordinal and Continuous Observations
OM2-8Absolute Range for Ordinal and Continuous Observations
OM2-9Delta Check Criteria
OM2-10Minimum Meaningful Increments
OM3-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM3-2Preferred Coding System
OM3-3Valid Coded Answers
OM3-4Normal Text/Codes for Categorical Observations
OM3-5Abnormal Text/Codes for Categorical Observations
OM3-6Critical Text/Codes for Categorical Observations
OM3-7Value Type
OM4-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM4-2Derived Specimen
OM4-3Container Description
OM4-4Container Volume
OM4-5Container Units
OM4-9Special Handling Requirements
OM4-10Normal Collection Volume
OM4-11Minimum Collection Volume
OM4-12Specimen Requirements
OM4-13Specimen Priorities
OM4-14Specimen Retention Time
OM4-15Specimen Handling Code
OM4-16Specimen Preference
OM4-17Preferred Specimen/Attribture Sequence ID
OM4-18Taxonomic Classification Code
OM5-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM5-2Test/Observations Included Within an Ordered Test Battery
OM5-3Observation ID Suffixes
OM6-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM6-2Derivation Rule
OM7-1Sequence Number - Test/Observation Master File
OM7-2Universal Service Identifier
OM7-3Category Identifier
OM7-4Category Description
OM7-5Category Synonym
OM7-6Effective Test/Service Start Date/Time
OM7-7Effective Test/Service End Date/Time
OM7-8Test/Service Default Duration Quantity
OM7-9Test/Service Default Duration Units
OM7-10Test/Service Default Frequency
OM7-11Consent Indicator
OM7-12Consent Identifier
OM7-13Consent Effective Start Date/Time
OM7-14Consent Effective End Date/Time
OM7-15Consent Interval Quantity
OM7-16Consent Interval Units
OM7-17Consent Waiting Period Quantity
OM7-18Consent Waiting Period Units
OM7-19Effective Date/Time of Change
OM7-20Entered By
OM7-21Orderable-at Location
OM7-22Formulary Status
OM7-23Special Order Indicator
OM7-24Primary Key Value - CDM
ORC-1Order Control
ORC-2Placer Order Number
ORC-3Filler Order Number
ORC-4Placer Group Number
ORC-5Order Status
ORC-6Response Flag
ORC-8Parent Order
ORC-9Date/Time of Transaction
ORC-10Entered By
ORC-11Verified By
ORC-12Ordering Provider
ORC-13Enterer's Location
ORC-14Call Back Phone Number
ORC-15Order Effective Date/Time
ORC-16Order Control Code Reason
ORC-17Entering Organization
ORC-18Entering Device
ORC-19Action By
ORC-20Advanced Beneficiary Notice Code
ORC-21Ordering Facility Name
ORC-22Ordering Facility Address
ORC-23Ordering Facility Phone Number
ORC-24Ordering Provider Address
ORC-25Order Status Modifier
ORC-26Advanced Beneficiary Notice Override Reason
ORC-27Filler's Expected Availability Date/Time
ORC-28Confidentiality Code
ORC-29Order Type
ORC-30Enterer Authorization Mode
ORC-31Parent Universal Service Identifier
ORC-32Advanced Beneficiary Notice Date
ORC-33Alternate Placer Order Number
ORC-34Order Workflow Profile
ORG-2Organization Unit Code
ORG-3Organization Unit Type Code
ORG-4Primary Org Unit Indicator
ORG-5Practitioner Org Unit Identifier
ORG-6Health Care Provider Type Code
ORG-7Health Care Provider Classification Code
ORG-8Health Care Provider Area of Specialization Code
ORG-9Effective Date Range
ORG-10Employment Status Code
ORG-11Board Approval Indicator
ORG-12Primary Care Physician Indicator
ORG-13Cost Center Code
OVR-1Business Rule Override Type
OVR-2Business Rule Override Code
OVR-3Override Comments
OVR-4Override Entered By
OVR-5Override Authorized By
PAC-1Set Id - PAC
PAC-2Package ID
PAC-3Parent Package ID
PAC-4Position in Parent Package
PAC-5Package Type
PAC-6Package Condition
PAC-7Package Handling Code
PAC-8Package Risk Code
PCE-2Cost Center Account Number
PCE-3Transaction Code
PCE-4Transaction amount - unit
PCR-1Implicated Product
PCR-2Generic Product
PCR-3Product Class
PCR-4Total Duration Of Therapy
PCR-5Product Manufacture Date
PCR-6Product Expiration Date
PCR-7Product Implantation Date
PCR-8Product Explantation Date
PCR-9Single Use Device
PCR-10Indication For Product Use
PCR-11Product Problem
PCR-12Product Serial/Lot Number
PCR-13Product Available For Inspection
PCR-14Product Evaluation Performed
PCR-15Product Evaluation Status
PCR-16Product Evaluation Results
PCR-17Evaluated Product Source
PCR-18Date Product Returned To Manufacturer
PCR-19Device Operator Qualifications
PCR-20Relatedness Assessment
PCR-21Action Taken In Response To The Event
PCR-22Event Causality Observations
PCR-23Indirect Exposure Mechanism
PD1-1Living Dependency
PD1-2Living Arrangement
PD1-3Patient Primary Facility
PD1-4Patient Primary Care Provider Name & ID No.
PD1-5Student Indicator
PD1-7Living Will Code
PD1-8Organ Donor Code
PD1-9Separate Bill
PD1-10Duplicate Patient
PD1-11Publicity Code
PD1-12Protection Indicator
PD1-13Protection Indicator Effective Date
PD1-14Place of Worship
PD1-15Advance Directive Code
PD1-16Immunization Registry Status
PD1-17Immunization Registry Status Effective Date
PD1-18Publicity Code Effective Date
PD1-19Military Branch
PD1-20Military Rank/Grade
PD1-21Military Status
PD1-22Advance Directive Last Verified Date
PDA-1Death Cause Code
PDA-2Death Location
PDA-3Death Certified Indicator
PDA-4Death Certificate Signed Date/Time
PDA-5Death Certified By
PDA-6Autopsy Indicator
PDA-7Autopsy Start and End Date/Time
PDA-8Autopsy Performed By
PDA-9Coroner Indicator
PDC-3Brand Name
PDC-4Device Family Name
PDC-5Generic Name
PDC-6Model Identifier
PDC-7Catalogue Identifier
PDC-8Other Identifier
PDC-9Product Code
PDC-10Marketing Basis
PDC-11Marketing Approval ID
PDC-12Labeled Shelf Life
PDC-13Expected Shelf Life
PDC-14Date First Marketed
PDC-15Date Last Marketed
PEO-1Event Identifiers Used
PEO-2Event Symptom/Diagnosis Code
PEO-3Event Onset Date/Time
PEO-4Event Exacerbation Date/Time
PEO-5Event Improved Date/Time
PEO-6Event Ended Data/Time
PEO-7Event Location Occurred Address
PEO-8Event Qualification
PEO-9Event Serious
PEO-10Event Expected
PEO-11Event Outcome
PEO-12Patient Outcome
PEO-13Event Description from Others
PEO-14Event Description from Original Reporter
PEO-15Event Description from Patient
PEO-16Event Description from Practitioner
PEO-17Event Description from Autopsy
PEO-18Cause Of Death
PEO-19Primary Observer Name
PEO-20Primary Observer Address
PEO-21Primary Observer Telephone
PEO-22Primary Observer's Qualification
PEO-23Confirmation Provided By
PEO-24Primary Observer Aware Date/Time
PEO-25Primary Observer's identity May Be Divulged
PES-1Sender Organization Name
PES-2Sender Individual Name
PES-3Sender Address
PES-4Sender Telephone
PES-5Sender Event Identifier
PES-6Sender Sequence Number
PES-7Sender Event Description
PES-8Sender Comment
PES-9Sender Aware Date/Time
PES-10Event Report Date
PES-11Event Report Timing/Type
PES-12Event Report Source
PES-13Event Reported To
PID-2Patient ID
PID-3Patient Identifier List
PID-4Alternate Patient ID - PID
PID-5Patient Name
PID-6Mother's Maiden Name
PID-7Date/Time of Birth
PID-8Administrative Sex
PID-9Patient Alias
PID-11Patient Address
PID-12County Code
PID-13Phone Number - Home
PID-14Phone Number - Business
PID-15Primary Language
PID-16Marital Status
PID-18Patient Account Number
PID-19SSN Number - Patient
PID-20Driver's License Number - Patient
PID-21Mother's Identifier
PID-22Ethnic Group
PID-23Birth Place
PID-24Multiple Birth Indicator
PID-25Birth Order
PID-27Veterans Military Status
PID-29Patient Death Date and Time
PID-30Patient Death Indicator
PID-31Identity Unknown Indicator
PID-32Identity Reliability Code
PID-33Last Update Date/Time
PID-34Last Update Facility
PID-35Taxonomic Classification Code
PID-36Breed Code
PID-38Production Class Code
PID-39Tribal Citizenship
PID-40Patient Telecommunication Information
PKG-1Set Id - PKG
PKG-2Packaging Units
PKG-3Default Order Unit Of Measure Indicator
PKG-4Package Quantity
PKG-6Future Item Price
PKG-7Future Item Price Effective Date
PKG-8Global Trade Item Number
PMT-1Payment/Remittance Advice Number
PMT-2Payment/Remittance Effective Date/Time
PMT-3Payment/Remittance Expiration Date/Time
PMT-4Payment Method
PMT-5Payment/Remittance Date/Time
PMT-6Payment/Remittance Amount
PMT-7Check Number
PMT-8Payee Bank Identification
PMT-9Payee Transit Number
PMT-10Payee Bank Account ID
PMT-11Payment Organization
PR1-1Set ID - PR1
PR1-2Procedure Coding Method
PR1-3Procedure Code
PR1-4Procedure Description
PR1-5Procedure Date/Time
PR1-6Procedure Functional Type
PR1-7Procedure Minutes
PR1-9Anesthesia Code
PR1-10Anesthesia Minutes
PR1-12Procedure Practitioner
PR1-13Consent Code
PR1-14Procedure Priority
PR1-15Associated Diagnosis Code
PR1-16Procedure Code Modifier
PR1-17Procedure DRG Type
PR1-18Tissue Type Code
PR1-19Procedure Identifier
PR1-20Procedure Action Code
PR1-21DRG Procedure Determination Status
PR1-22DRG Procedure Relevance
PR1-23Treating Organizational Unit
PR1-24Respiratory Within Surgery
PR1-25Parent Procedure ID
PRA-1Primary Key Value - PRA
PRA-2Practitioner Group
PRA-3Practitioner Category
PRA-4Provider Billing
PRA-6Practitioner ID Numbers
PRA-8Date Entered Practice
PRA-10Date Left Practice
PRA-11Government Reimbursement Billing Eligibility
PRA-12Set ID - PRA
PRB-1Action Code
PRB-2Action Date/Time
PRB-3Problem ID
PRB-4Problem Instance ID
PRB-5Episode of Care ID
PRB-6Problem List Priority
PRB-7Problem Established Date/Time
PRB-8Anticipated Problem Resolution Date/Time
PRB-9Actual Problem Resolution Date/Time
PRB-10Problem Classification
PRB-11Problem Management Discipline
PRB-12Problem Persistence
PRB-13Problem Confirmation Status
PRB-14Problem Life Cycle Status
PRB-15Problem Life Cycle Status Date/Time
PRB-16Problem Date of Onset
PRB-17Problem Onset Text
PRB-18Problem Ranking
PRB-19Certainty of Problem
PRB-20Probability of Problem (0-1)
PRB-21Individual Awareness of Problem
PRB-22Problem Prognosis
PRB-23Individual Awareness of Prognosis
PRB-24Family/Significant Other Awareness of Problem/Prognosis
PRB-26Problem Severity
PRB-27Problem Perspective
PRB-28Mood Code
PRC-1Primary Key Value - PRC
PRC-2Facility ID - PRC
PRC-4Valid Patient Classes
PRC-7Minimum Quantity
PRC-8Maximum Quantity
PRC-9Minimum Price
PRC-10Maximum Price
PRC-11Effective Start Date
PRC-12Effective End Date
PRC-13Price Override Flag
PRC-14Billing Category
PRC-15Chargeable Flag
PRC-16Active/Inactive Flag
PRC-18Charge on Indicator
PRD-1Provider Role
PRD-2Provider Name
PRD-3Provider Address
PRD-4Provider Location
PRD-5Provider Communication Information
PRD-6Preferred Method of Contact
PRD-7Provider Identifiers
PRD-8Effective Start Date of Provider Role
PRD-9Effective End Date of Provider Role
PRD-10Provider Organization Name and Identifier
PRD-11Provider Organization Address
PRD-12Provider Organization Location Information
PRD-13Provider Organization Communication Information
PRD-14Provider Organization Method of Contact
PRT-1Participation Instance ID
PRT-2Action Code
PRT-3Action Reason
PRT-5Participation Person
PRT-6Participation Person Provider Type
PRT-7Participant Organization Unit Type
PRT-8Participation Organization
PRT-9Participant Location
PRT-10Participation Device
PRT-11Participation Begin Date/Time (arrival time)
PRT-12Participation End Date/Time (departure time)
PRT-13Participation Qualitative Duration
PRT-14Participation Address
PRT-15Participant Telecommunication Address
PSG-1Provider Product/Service Group Number
PSG-2Payer Product/Service Group Number
PSG-3Product/Service Group Sequence Number
PSG-4Adjudicate as Group
PSG-5Product/Service Group Billed Amount
PSG-6Product/Service Group Description
PSH-1Report Type
PSH-2Report Form Identifier
PSH-3Report Date
PSH-4Report Interval Start Date
PSH-5Report Interval End Date
PSH-6Quantity Manufactured
PSH-7Quantity Distributed
PSH-8Quantity Distributed Method
PSH-9Quantity Distributed Comment
PSH-10Quantity in Use
PSH-11Quantity in Use Method
PSH-12Quantity in Use Comment
PSH-13Number of Product Experience Reports Filed by Facility
PSH-14Number of Product Experience Reports Filed by Distributor
PSL-1Provider Product/Service Line Item Number
PSL-2Payer Product/Service Line Item Number
PSL-3Product/Service Line Item Sequence Number
PSL-4Provider Tracking ID
PSL-5Payer Tracking ID
PSL-6Product/Service Line Item Status
PSL-7Product/Service Code
PSL-8Product/Service Code Modifier
PSL-9Product/Service Code Description
PSL-10Product/Service Effective Date
PSL-11Product/Service Expiration Date
PSL-12Product/Service Quantity
PSL-13Product/Service Unit Cost
PSL-14Number of Items per Unit
PSL-15Product/Service Gross Amount
PSL-16Product/Service Billed Amount
PSL-17Product/Service Clarification Code Type
PSL-18Product/Service Clarification Code Value
PSL-19Health Document Reference Identifier
PSL-20Processing Consideration Code
PSL-21Restricted Disclosure Indicator
PSL-22Related Product/Service Code Indicator
PSL-23Product/Service Amount for Physician
PSL-24Product/Service Cost Factor
PSL-25Cost Center
PSL-26Billing Period
PSL-27Days without Billing
PSL-29Executing Physician ID
PSL-30Responsible Physician ID
PSL-31Role Executing Physician
PSL-32Medical Role Executing Physician
PSL-33Side of body
PSL-34Number of TP's PP
PSL-35TP-Value PP
PSL-36Internal Scaling Factor PP
PSL-37External Scaling Factor PP
PSL-38Amount PP
PSL-39Number of TP's Technical Part
PSL-40TP-Value Technical Part
PSL-41Internal Scaling Factor Technical Part
PSL-42External Scaling Factor Technical Part
PSL-43Amount Technical Part
PSL-44Total Amount Professional Part + Technical Part
PSS-1Provider Product/Service Section Number
PSS-2Payer Product/Service Section Number
PSS-3Product/Service Section Sequence Number
PSS-4Billed Amount
PSS-5Section Description or Heading
PTH-1Action Code
PTH-2Pathway ID
PTH-3Pathway Instance ID
PTH-4Pathway Established Date/Time
PTH-5Pathway Life Cycle Status
PTH-6Change Pathway Life Cycle Status Date/Time
PTH-7Mood Code
PV1-1Set ID - PV1
PV1-2Patient Class
PV1-3Assigned Patient Location
PV1-4Admission Type
PV1-5Preadmit Number
PV1-6Prior Patient Location
PV1-7Attending Doctor
PV1-8Referring Doctor
PV1-9Consulting Doctor
PV1-10Hospital Service
PV1-11Temporary Location
PV1-12Preadmit Test Indicator
PV1-13Re-admission Indicator
PV1-14Admit Source
PV1-15Ambulatory Status
PV1-16VIP Indicator
PV1-17Admitting Doctor
PV1-18Patient Type
PV1-19Visit Number
PV1-20Financial Class
PV1-21Charge Price Indicator
PV1-22Courtesy Code
PV1-23Credit Rating
PV1-24Contract Code
PV1-25Contract Effective Date
PV1-26Contract Amount
PV1-27Contract Period
PV1-28Interest Code
PV1-29Transfer to Bad Debt Code
PV1-30Transfer to Bad Debt Date
PV1-31Bad Debt Agency Code
PV1-32Bad Debt Transfer Amount
PV1-33Bad Debt Recovery Amount
PV1-34Delete Account Indicator
PV1-35Delete Account Date
PV1-36Discharge Disposition
PV1-37Discharged to Location
PV1-38Diet Type
PV1-39Servicing Facility
PV1-40Bed Status
PV1-41Account Status
PV1-42Pending Location
PV1-43Prior Temporary Location
PV1-44Admit Date/Time
PV1-45Discharge Date/Time
PV1-46Current Patient Balance
PV1-47Total Charges
PV1-48Total Adjustments
PV1-49Total Payments
PV1-50Alternate Visit ID
PV1-51Visit Indicator
PV1-52Other Healthcare Provider
PV1-53Service Episode Description
PV1-54Service Episode Identifier
PV2-1Prior Pending Location
PV2-2Accommodation Code
PV2-3Admit Reason
PV2-4Transfer Reason
PV2-5Patient Valuables
PV2-6Patient Valuables Location
PV2-7Visit User Code
PV2-8Expected Admit Date/Time
PV2-9Expected Discharge Date/Time
PV2-10Estimated Length of Inpatient Stay
PV2-11Actual Length of Inpatient Stay
PV2-12Visit Description
PV2-13Referral Source Code
PV2-14Previous Service Date
PV2-15Employment Illness Related Indicator
PV2-16Purge Status Code
PV2-17Purge Status Date
PV2-18Special Program Code
PV2-19Retention Indicator
PV2-20Expected Number of Insurance Plans
PV2-21Visit Publicity Code
PV2-22Visit Protection Indicator
PV2-23Clinic Organization Name
PV2-24Patient Status Code
PV2-25Visit Priority Code
PV2-26Previous Treatment Date
PV2-27Expected Discharge Disposition
PV2-28Signature on File Date
PV2-29First Similar Illness Date
PV2-30Patient Charge Adjustment Code
PV2-31Recurring Service Code
PV2-32Billing Media Code
PV2-33Expected Surgery Date and Time
PV2-34Military Partnership Code
PV2-35Military Non-Availability Code
PV2-36Newborn Baby Indicator
PV2-37Baby Detained Indicator
PV2-38Mode of Arrival Code
PV2-39Recreational Drug Use Code
PV2-40Admission Level of Care Code
PV2-41Precaution Code
PV2-42Patient Condition Code
PV2-43Living Will Code
PV2-44Organ Donor Code
PV2-45Advance Directive Code
PV2-46Patient Status Effective Date
PV2-47Expected LOA Return Date/Time
PV2-48Expected Pre-admission Testing Date/Time
PV2-49Notify Clergy Code
PV2-50Advance Directive Last Verified Date
PYE-2Payee Type
PYE-3Payee Relationship to Invoice (Patient)
PYE-4Payee Identification List
PYE-5Payee Person Name
PYE-6Payee Address
PYE-7Payment Method
QAK-1Query Tag
QAK-2Query Response Status
QAK-3Message Query Name
QAK-4Hit Count Total
QAK-5This payload
QAK-6Hits remaining
QID-1Query Tag
QID-2Message Query Name
QPD-1Message Query Name
QPD-2Query Tag
QPD-3User Parameters (in successive fields)
QRI-1Candidate Confidence
QRI-2Match Reason Code
QRI-3Algorithm Descriptor
RCP-1Query Priority
RCP-2Quantity Limited Request
RCP-3Response Modality
RCP-4Execution and Delivery Time
RCP-5Modify Indicator
RCP-6Sort-by Field
RCP-7Segment group inclusion
RDF-1Number of Columns per Row
RDF-2Column Description
RDT-1Column Value
REL-2Relationship Type
REL-3This Relationship Instance Identifier
REL-4Source Information Instance Identifier
REL-5Target Information Instance Identifier
REL-6Asserting Entity Instance ID
REL-7Asserting Person
REL-8Asserting Organization
REL-9Assertor Address
REL-10Assertor Contact
REL-11Assertion Date Range
REL-12Negation Indicator
REL-13Certainty of Relationship
REL-14Priority No
REL-15Priority Sequence No (rel preference for consideration)
REL-16Separability Indicator
RF1-1Referral Status
RF1-2Referral Priority
RF1-3Referral Type
RF1-4Referral Disposition
RF1-5Referral Category
RF1-6Originating Referral Identifier
RF1-7Effective Date
RF1-8Expiration Date
RF1-9Process Date
RF1-10Referral Reason
RF1-11External Referral Identifier
RF1-12Referral Documentation Completion Status
RF1-13Planned Treatment Stop Date
RF1-14Referral Reason Text
RF1-15Number of Authorized Treatments/Units
RF1-16Number of Used Treatments/Units
RF1-17Number of Schedule Treatments/Units
RF1-18Remaining Benefit Amount
RF1-19Authorized Provider
RF1-20Authorized Health Professional
RF1-21Source Text
RF1-22Source Date
RF1-23Source Phone
RF1-25Action Code
RFI-1Request Date
RFI-2Response Due Date
RFI-3Patient Consent
RFI-4Date Additional Information Was Submitted
RGS-2Segment Action Code
RGS-3Resource Group ID
RMI-1Risk Management Incident Code
RMI-2Date/Time Incident
RMI-3Incident Type Code
ROL-1Role Instance ID
ROL-2Action Code
ROL-4Role Person
ROL-5Role Begin Date/Time
ROL-6Role End Date/Time
ROL-7Role Duration
ROL-8Role Action Reason
ROL-9Provider Type
ROL-10Organization Unit Type
ROL-11Office/Home Address/Birthplace
ROL-13Person's Location
RQ1-1Anticipated Price
RQ1-2Manufacturer Identifier
RQ1-3Manufacturer's Catalog
RQ1-4Vendor ID
RQ1-5Vendor Catalog
RQ1-7Substitute Allowed
RQD-1Requisition Line Number
RQD-2Item Code - Internal
RQD-3Item Code - External
RQD-4Hospital Item Code
RQD-5Requisition Quantity
RQD-6Requisition Unit of Measure
RQD-7Cost Center Account Number
RQD-8Item Natural Account Code
RQD-9Deliver To ID
RQD-10Date Needed
RXA-1Give Sub-ID Counter
RXA-2Administration Sub-ID Counter
RXA-3Date/Time Start of Administration
RXA-4Date/Time End of Administration
RXA-5Administered Code
RXA-6Administered Amount
RXA-7Administered Units
RXA-8Administered Dosage Form
RXA-9Administration Notes
RXA-10Administering Provider
RXA-11Administered-at Location
RXA-12Administered Per (Time Unit)
RXA-13Administered Strength
RXA-14Administered Strength Units
RXA-15Substance Lot Number
RXA-16Substance Expiration Date
RXA-17Substance Manufacturer Name
RXA-18Substance/Treatment Refusal Reason
RXA-20Completion Status
RXA-21Action Code - RXA
RXA-22System Entry Date/Time
RXA-23Administered Drug Strength Volume
RXA-24Administered Drug Strength Volume Units
RXA-25Administered Barcode Identifier
RXA-26Pharmacy Order Type
RXA-28Administered-at Address
RXA-29Administered Tag Identifier
RXC-1RX Component Type
RXC-2Component Code
RXC-3Component Amount
RXC-4Component Units
RXC-5Component Strength
RXC-6Component Strength Units
RXC-7Supplementary Code
RXC-8Component Drug Strength Volume
RXC-9Component Drug Strength Volume Units
RXC-10Dispense Amount
RXC-11Dispense Units
RXD-1Dispense Sub-ID Counter
RXD-2Dispense/Give Code
RXD-3Date/Time Dispensed
RXD-4Actual Dispense Amount
RXD-5Actual Dispense Units
RXD-6Actual Dosage Form
RXD-7Prescription Number
RXD-8Number of Refills Remaining
RXD-9Dispense Notes
RXD-10Dispensing Provider
RXD-11Substitution Status
RXD-12Total Daily Dose
RXD-13Dispense-to Location
RXD-14Needs Human Review
RXD-15Special Dispensing Instructions
RXD-16Actual Strength
RXD-17Actual Strength Unit
RXD-18Substance Lot Number
RXD-19Substance Expiration Date
RXD-20Substance Manufacturer Name
RXD-22Dispense Package Size
RXD-23Dispense Package Size Unit
RXD-24Dispense Package Method
RXD-25Supplementary Code
RXD-26Initiating Location
RXD-27Packaging/Assembly Location
RXD-28Actual Drug Strength Volume
RXD-29Actual Drug Strength Volume Units
RXD-30Dispense to Pharmacy
RXD-31Dispense to Pharmacy Address
RXD-32Pharmacy Order Type
RXD-33Dispense Type
RXD-34Pharmacy Phone Number
RXD-35Dispense Tag Identifier
RXE-2Give Code
RXE-3Give Amount - Minimum
RXE-4Give Amount - Maximum
RXE-5Give Units
RXE-6Give Dosage Form
RXE-7Provider's Administration Instructions
RXE-8Deliver-To Location
RXE-9Substitution Status
RXE-10Dispense Amount
RXE-11Dispense Units
RXE-12Number Of Refills
RXE-13Ordering Provider's DEA Number
RXE-14Pharmacist/Treatment Supplier's Verifier ID
RXE-15Prescription Number
RXE-16Number of Refills Remaining
RXE-17Number of Refills/Doses Dispensed
RXE-18D/T of Most Recent Refill or Dose Dispensed
RXE-19Total Daily Dose
RXE-20Needs Human Review
RXE-21Special Dispensing Instructions
RXE-22Give Per (Time Unit)
RXE-23Give Rate Amount
RXE-24Give Rate Units
RXE-25Give Strength
RXE-26Give Strength Units
RXE-27Give Indication
RXE-28Dispense Package Size
RXE-29Dispense Package Size Unit
RXE-30Dispense Package Method
RXE-31Supplementary Code
RXE-32Original Order Date/Time
RXE-33Give Drug Strength Volume
RXE-34Give Drug Strength Volume Units
RXE-35Controlled Substance Schedule
RXE-36Formulary Status
RXE-37Pharmaceutical Substance Alternative
RXE-38Pharmacy of Most Recent Fill
RXE-39Initial Dispense Amount
RXE-40Dispensing Pharmacy
RXE-41Dispensing Pharmacy Address
RXE-42Deliver-to Patient Location
RXE-43Deliver-to Address
RXE-44Pharmacy Order Type
RXE-45Pharmacy Phone Number
RXG-1Give Sub-ID Counter
RXG-2Dispense Sub-ID Counter
RXG-4Give Code
RXG-5Give Amount - Minimum
RXG-6Give Amount - Maximum
RXG-7Give Units
RXG-8Give Dosage Form
RXG-9Administration Notes
RXG-10Substitution Status
RXG-11Dispense-to Location
RXG-12Needs Human Review
RXG-13Special Administration Instructions
RXG-14Give Per (Time Unit)
RXG-15Give Rate Amount
RXG-16Give Rate Units
RXG-17Give Strength
RXG-18Give Strength Units
RXG-19Substance Lot Number
RXG-20Substance Expiration Date
RXG-21Substance Manufacturer Name
RXG-23Give Drug Strength Volume
RXG-24Give Drug Strength Volume Units
RXG-25Give Barcode Identifier
RXG-26Pharmacy Order Type
RXG-27Dispense to Pharmacy
RXG-28Dispense to Pharmacy Address
RXG-29Deliver-to Patient Location
RXG-30Deliver-to Address
RXG-31Give Tag Identifier
RXG-32Dispense Amount
RXG-33Dispense Units
RXO-1Requested Give Code
RXO-2Requested Give Amount - Minimum
RXO-3Requested Give Amount - Maximum
RXO-4Requested Give Units
RXO-5Requested Dosage Form
RXO-6Provider's Pharmacy/Treatment Instructions
RXO-7Provider's Administration Instructions
RXO-8Deliver-To Location
RXO-9Allow Substitutions
RXO-10Requested Dispense Code
RXO-11Requested Dispense Amount
RXO-12Requested Dispense Units
RXO-13Number Of Refills
RXO-14Ordering Provider's DEA Number
RXO-15Pharmacist/Treatment Supplier's Verifier ID
RXO-16Needs Human Review
RXO-17Requested Give Per (Time Unit)
RXO-18Requested Give Strength
RXO-19Requested Give Strength Units
RXO-21Requested Give Rate Amount
RXO-22Requested Give Rate Units
RXO-23Total Daily Dose
RXO-24Supplementary Code
RXO-25Requested Drug Strength Volume
RXO-26Requested Drug Strength Volume Units
RXO-27Pharmacy Order Type
RXO-28Dispensing Interval
RXO-29Medication Instance Identifier
RXO-30Segment Instance Identifier
RXO-31Mood Code
RXO-32Dispensing Pharmacy
RXO-33Dispensing Pharmacy Address
RXO-34Deliver-to Patient Location
RXO-35Deliver-to Address
RXO-36Pharmacy Phone Number
RXR-2Administration Site
RXR-3Administration Device
RXR-4Administration Method
RXR-5Routing Instruction
RXR-6Administration Site Modifier
RXV-2Bolus Type
RXV-3Bolus Dose Amount
RXV-4Bolus Dose Amount Units
RXV-5Bolus Dose Volume
RXV-6Bolus Dose Volume Units
RXV-8PCA Dose Amount
RXV-9PCA Dose Amount Units
RXV-10PCA Dose Amount Volume
RXV-11PCA Dose Amount Volume Units
RXV-12Max Dose Amount
RXV-13Max Dose Amount Units
RXV-14Max Dose Amount Volume
RXV-15Max Dose Amount Volume Units
RXV-16Max Dose per Time
RXV-17Lockout Interval
RXV-18Syringe Manufacturer
RXV-19Syringe Model Number
RXV-20Syringe Size
RXV-21Syringe Size Units
RXV-22Action Code
SAC-1External Accession Identifier
SAC-2Accession Identifier
SAC-3Container Identifier
SAC-4Primary (Parent) Container Identifier
SAC-5Equipment Container Identifier
SAC-6Specimen Source
SAC-7Registration Date/Time
SAC-8Container Status
SAC-9Carrier Type
SAC-10Carrier Identifier
SAC-11Position in Carrier
SAC-12Tray Type - SAC
SAC-13Tray Identifier
SAC-14Position in Tray
SAC-16Container Height
SAC-17Container Diameter
SAC-18Barrier Delta
SAC-19Bottom Delta
SAC-20Container Height/Diameter/Delta Units
SAC-21Container Volume
SAC-22Available Specimen Volume
SAC-23Initial Specimen Volume
SAC-24Volume Units
SAC-25Separator Type
SAC-26Cap Type
SAC-28Specimen Component
SAC-29Dilution Factor
SAC-32Hemolysis Index
SAC-33Hemolysis Index Units
SAC-34Lipemia Index
SAC-35Lipemia Index Units
SAC-36Icterus Index
SAC-37Icterus Index Units
SAC-38Fibrin Index
SAC-39Fibrin Index Units
SAC-40System Induced Contaminants
SAC-41Drug Interference
SAC-42Artificial Blood
SAC-43Special Handling Code
SAC-44Other Environmental Factors
SCD-1Cycle Start Time
SCD-2Cycle Count
SCD-3Temp Max
SCD-4Temp Min
SCD-5Load Number
SCD-6Condition Time
SCD-7Sterilize Time
SCD-8Exhaust Time
SCD-9Total Cycle Time
SCD-10Device Status
SCD-11Cycle Start Date/Time
SCD-12Dry Time
SCD-13Leak Rate
SCD-14Control Temperature
SCD-15Sterilizer Temperature
SCD-16Cycle Complete Time
SCD-17Under Temperature
SCD-18Over Temperature
SCD-19Abort Cycle
SCD-21Long in Charge Phase
SCD-22Long in Exhaust Phase
SCD-23Long in Fast Exhaust Phase
SCD-25Operator - Unload
SCD-26Door Open
SCD-27Reading Failure
SCD-28Cycle Type
SCD-29Thermal Rinse Time
SCD-30Wash Time
SCD-31Injection Rate
SCD-32Procedure Code
SCD-33Patient Identifier List
SCD-34Attending Doctor
SCD-35Dilution Factor
SCD-36Fill Time
SCD-37Inlet Temperature
SCH-1Placer Appointment ID
SCH-2Filler Appointment ID
SCH-3Occurrence Number
SCH-4Placer Group Number
SCH-5Schedule ID
SCH-6Event Reason
SCH-7Appointment Reason
SCH-8Appointment Type
SCH-9Appointment Duration
SCH-10Appointment Duration Units
SCH-11Appointment Timing Quantity
SCH-12Placer Contact Person
SCH-13Placer Contact Phone Number
SCH-14Placer Contact Address
SCH-15Placer Contact Location
SCH-16Filler Contact Person
SCH-17Filler Contact Phone Number
SCH-18Filler Contact Address
SCH-19Filler Contact Location
SCH-20Entered By Person
SCH-21Entered By Phone Number
SCH-22Entered By Location
SCH-23Parent Placer Appointment ID
SCH-24Parent Filler Appointment ID
SCH-25Filler Status Code
SCH-26Placer Order Number
SCH-27Filler Order Number
SCP-1Number Of Decontamination/Sterilization Devices
SCP-2Labor Calculation Type
SCP-3Date Format
SCP-4Device Number
SCP-5Device Name
SCP-6Device Model Name
SCP-7Device Type
SCP-8Lot Control
SDD-1Lot Number
SDD-2Device Number
SDD-3Device Name
SDD-4Device Data State
SDD-5Load Status
SDD-6Control Code
SDD-7Operator Name
SFT-1Software Vendor Organization
SFT-2Software Certified Version or Release Number
SFT-3Software Product Name
SFT-4Software Binary ID
SFT-5Software Product Information
SFT-6Software Install Date
SGH-2Segment Group Name
SGT-2Segment Group Name
SHP-1Shipment ID
SHP-2Internal Shipment ID
SHP-3Shipment Status
SHP-4Shipment Status Date/Time
SHP-5Shipment Status Reason
SHP-6Shipment Priority
SHP-7Shipment Confidentiality
SHP-8Number of Packages in Shipment
SHP-9Shipment Condition
SHP-10Shipment Handling Code
SHP-11Shipment Risk Code
SID-1Application/Method Identifier
SID-2Substance Lot Number
SID-3Substance Container Identifier
SID-4Substance Manufacturer Identifier
SLT-1Device Number
SLT-2Device Name
SLT-3Lot Number
SLT-4Item Identifier
SLT-5Bar Code
SPM-2Specimen ID
SPM-3Specimen Parent IDs
SPM-4Specimen Type
SPM-5Specimen Type Modifier
SPM-6Specimen Additives
SPM-7Specimen Collection Method
SPM-8Specimen Source Site
SPM-9Specimen Source Site Modifier
SPM-10Specimen Collection Site
SPM-11Specimen Role
SPM-12Specimen Collection Amount
SPM-13Grouped Specimen Count
SPM-14Specimen Description
SPM-15Specimen Handling Code
SPM-16Specimen Risk Code
SPM-17Specimen Collection Date/Time
SPM-18Specimen Received Date/Time
SPM-19Specimen Expiration Date/Time
SPM-20Specimen Availability
SPM-21Specimen Reject Reason
SPM-22Specimen Quality
SPM-23Specimen Appropriateness
SPM-24Specimen Condition
SPM-25Specimen Current Quantity
SPM-26Number of Specimen Containers
SPM-27Container Type
SPM-28Container Condition
SPM-29Specimen Child Role
SPM-30Accession ID
SPM-31Other Specimen ID
SPM-32Shipment ID
STF-1Primary Key Value - STF
STF-2Staff Identifier List
STF-3Staff Name
STF-4Staff Type
STF-5Administrative Sex
STF-6Date/Time of Birth
STF-7Active/Inactive Flag
STF-9Hospital Service - STF
STF-11Office/Home Address/Birthplace
STF-12Institution Activation Date
STF-13Institution Inactivation Date
STF-14Backup Person ID
STF-15E-Mail Address
STF-16Preferred Method of Contact
STF-17Marital Status
STF-18Job Title
STF-19Job Code/Class
STF-20Employment Status Code
STF-21Additional Insured on Auto
STF-22Driver's License Number - Staff
STF-23Copy Auto Ins
STF-24Auto Ins Expires
STF-25Date Last DMV Review
STF-26Date Next DMV Review
STF-28Ethnic Group
STF-29Re-activation Approval Indicator
STF-31Date/Time of Death
STF-32Death Indicator
STF-33Institution Relationship Type Code
STF-34Institution Relationship Period
STF-35Expected Return Date
STF-36Cost Center Code
STF-37Generic Classification Indicator
STF-38Inactive Reason Code
STF-39Generic resource type or category
STZ-1Sterilization Type
STZ-2Sterilization Cycle
STZ-3Maintenance Cycle
STZ-4Maintenance Type
TCC-1Universal Service Identifier
TCC-2Equipment Test Application Identifier
TCC-3Specimen Source
TCC-4Auto-Dilution Factor Default
TCC-5Rerun Dilution Factor Default
TCC-6Pre-Dilution Factor Default
TCC-7Endogenous Content of Pre-Dilution Diluent
TCC-8Inventory Limits Warning Level
TCC-9Automatic Rerun Allowed
TCC-10Automatic Repeat Allowed
TCC-11Automatic Reflex Allowed
TCC-12Equipment Dynamic Range
TCC-14Processing Type
TCC-15Test Criticality
TCD-1Universal Service Identifier
TCD-2Auto-Dilution Factor
TCD-3Rerun Dilution Factor
TCD-4Pre-Dilution Factor
TCD-5Endogenous Content of Pre-Dilution Diluent
TCD-6Automatic Repeat Allowed
TCD-7Reflex Allowed
TCD-8Analyte Repeat Status
TQ1-1Set ID - TQ1
TQ1-3Repeat Pattern
TQ1-4Explicit Time
TQ1-5Relative Time and Units
TQ1-6Service Duration
TQ1-7Start date/time
TQ1-8End date/time
TQ1-10Condition text
TQ1-11Text instruction
TQ1-13Occurrence duration
TQ1-14Total occurrences
TQ2-1Set ID - TQ2
TQ2-2Sequence/Results Flag
TQ2-3Related Placer Number
TQ2-4Related Filler Number
TQ2-5Related Placer Group Number
TQ2-6Sequence Condition Code
TQ2-7Cyclic Entry/Exit Indicator
TQ2-8Sequence Condition Time Interval
TQ2-9Cyclic Group Maximum Number of Repeats
TQ2-10Special Service Request Relationship
TXA-2Document Type
TXA-3Document Content Presentation
TXA-4Activity Date/Time
TXA-5Primary Activity Provider Code/Name
TXA-6Origination Date/Time
TXA-7Transcription Date/Time
TXA-8Edit Date/Time
TXA-9Originator Code/Name
TXA-10Assigned Document Authenticator
TXA-11Transcriptionist Code/Name
TXA-12Unique Document Number
TXA-13Parent Document Number
TXA-14Placer Order Number
TXA-15Filler Order Number
TXA-16Unique Document File Name
TXA-17Document Completion Status
TXA-18Document Confidentiality Status
TXA-19Document Availability Status
TXA-20Document Storage Status
TXA-21Document Change Reason
TXA-22Authentication Person, Time Stamp (set)
TXA-23Distributed Copies (Code and Name of Recipient(s) )
TXA-24Folder Assignment
TXA-25Document Title
TXA-26Agreed Due Date/Time
UAC-1User Authentication Credential Type Code
UAC-2User Authentication Credential
UB1-1Set ID - UB1
UB1-2Blood Deductible
UB1-3Blood Furnished-Pints
UB1-4Blood Replaced-Pints
UB1-5Blood Not Replaced-Pints
UB1-6Co-Insurance Days
UB1-7Condition Code
UB1-8Covered Days
UB1-9Non Covered Days
UB1-10Value Amount & Code
UB1-11Number Of Grace Days
UB1-12Special Program Indicator
UB1-13PSRO/UR Approval Indicator
UB1-14PSRO/UR Approved Stay-Fm
UB1-15PSRO/UR Approved Stay-To
UB1-17Occurrence Span
UB1-18Occur Span Start Date
UB1-19Occur Span End Date
UB1-20UB-82 Locator 2
UB1-21UB-82 Locator 9
UB1-22UB-82 Locator 27
UB1-23UB-82 Locator 45
UB2-1Set ID - UB2
UB2-2Co-Insurance Days (9)
UB2-3Condition Code (24-30)
UB2-4Covered Days (7)
UB2-5Non-Covered Days (8)
UB2-6Value Amount & Code (39-41)
UB2-7Occurrence Code & Date (32-35)
UB2-8Occurrence Span Code/Dates (36)
UB2-9Uniform Billing Locator 2 (state)
UB2-10Uniform Billing Locator 11 (state)
UB2-11Uniform Billing Locator 31 (national)
UB2-12Document Control Number
UB2-13Uniform Billing Locator 49 (national)
UB2-14Uniform Billing Locator 56 (state)
UB2-15Uniform Billing Locator 57 (sational)
UB2-16Uniform Billing Locator 78 (state)
UB2-17Special Visit Count
VAR-1Variance Instance ID
VAR-2Documented Date/Time
VAR-3Stated Variance Date/Time
VAR-4Variance Originator
VAR-5Variance Classification
VAR-6Variance Description
VND-1Set Id - VND
VND-2Vendor Identifier
VND-3Vendor Name
VND-4Vendor Catalog Number
VND-5Primary Vendor Indicator

Segment Types in HL7

In HL7 messaging, data is organized into segments, each serving a specific purpose in the overall communication structure. A segment is a logical grouping of data fields that convey a particular set of related information. Each segment is identified by a unique segment type code, typically a three-letter abbreviation, which appears at the beginning of the segment line in a message.

Understanding Fields and Their Mappings

Each segment consists of multiple fields, which are individual pieces of information. Fields are usually separated by a delimiter, such as a pipe "|" character, and are identified by their position within the segment. The content and format of these fields are defined by the HL7 standards, and understanding their mappings is crucial for accurate data interpretation and integration.

What's an HL7 Lookup Table?

An HL7 lookup table is a reference tool that provides a detailed description of each segment type and its corresponding fields. It is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and IT experts who need to understand the structure and content of HL7 messages. The lookup table also serves as a crosswalk between HL7 2.x and HL7 FHIR, which is the latest version of the HL7 standard.